"My children have been at JLDC since they were three years and fifteen months old. When faced with choosing a pre-school/day care for my children, I wasn't sure where to look. I wanted them to be at a place where they would be safe, happy and feel loved. I feel that I hit the jackpot with JLDC. The staff is wonderful! When I come to pick up my boys, they don't want to leave. As my children transitioned from pre-school to elementary school, their teachers at Schwenksville Elementary commented that the children from JLDC are always very well prepared to enter school, and that the kindergarten enrichment program matched their curriculum. In addition to academic preparation, the teachers and staff at JLDC encourage positive social and emotional development for the children. They are taught to express their feelings in a positive manner, and develop good social and problem solving skills. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a nursery school or day care."

"The staff at JLEC are absolutely wonderful. Every time I have had a question or want to ask about how my children were during the day, they have answered very patiently and kindly. I have always felt comfortable with my children going to school there. The teachers truly care about their students, as evidenced by the hugs my kids receive every morning. At least once a week my son is excited to tell me what he learned at school that day, and is drawing a picture to describe what happened in his class. We take the education and care of our children very seriously, like all parents do, and JLEC has never let me down. I am so happy that we chose this daycare for our kids."
- B. D.